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M+G, Fairytale wedding in Omaya Eco Village


Omaya ECO Village, Bulgaria

As a wedding photographer I often get told I have a great job and I must really love it. And while it is definetly true, often times it's very easy to get stuck in a rust just as with anything else. Not appreciate the moments as you go through yet again the next event.

The wedding of Mariela and Georgi though, had something special that stopped me in my track and made me newly appreciate the importance of why I do what I do.

Seeing these two young people so inlove with each other. Laughing and crying together. The little things. Joining their lives not because of expectation, formality or just the next logical step in life. But because nothing less could possibly do. Vulnerable. Honest. Real. Being able to capture all that and preserve for them this moment when they fully commit to each other. That's priceless. I hope you will be able to feel the emotions too as you scroll through the selection of photos from this magical wedding day in the surreal Omaya Eco Village...

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