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Kristina's portrait photo standing on stairs and looking at the camera in Santorini
Kristina in front of the mountains in Northern Georgia

My name is Kristina and I'm originally from Bulgaria, where I grew up and my business is also based off of.
Kristina Hristova Photography is born out of my passion for capturing people's most important moments. I've always been fascinated with photographing people, since each one is a universe of his own, and I want my work to capture that. I specialize in wedding photography and my journey in this field started nearly ten years ago when I was still in my late teens. I've traveled to over 25 countries and have photographed weddings in 8 of them, which has broadened my perspective and helped me to evolve my art. My goal is to create timeless and authentic images that will bring you back to that special moment whenever you look at them.

Nowadays I use the flexibility that my work provides me to travel, with the city of Antalya on the Mediterranian coast of Türkiye being my second home in the off season for the last two years. When I’m not behind the camera, I love to explore and learn - hiking, diving, paddle boarding, playing the piano, and skiing, are some of my favourite activities. My biggest dream would be to live forever. 


"Криси допринесе много за страхотните емоции, както на нашия сватбен ден, така и занапред, благодарение на всички мигове, които запечата и мили моменти, които дори на нас ни бяха убегнали. Препоръчвам я чистосърдечно и като много топъл, усмихнат и мил човек, с прекрасно отношение! Лекотата, с която се комуникира с нея, прави цялата организация и изживавяне още по-приятно."

Габриела Сертева, България

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