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Hopeless romantic, that's what I am. 

And this is a secret to most of the people who know me, due to my otherwise methodical and logic-oriented personality. At first, it might seem like a contradiction, but really, that is a quality that comes out when my heart is involved and my work is one of those times. I've always been fascinated with photographing people, since each one is a universe of his own, and I want my work to capture that. If there was a 'soul' genre in photography, just as there is in music, that's the label I'd put on it. And one thing that fascinates me even more than people, is the love that exists between them. I believe there is nothing ordinary about that and each story is special on it's own. Love is not visible to the eyes, but my craft is to capture and put it into a photo that will let you see, perhaps for the first time, all the emotions that make you feel the way no one else ever has.

This is what I wanted you to know about me. Now if you are asking what makes me qualified to be your photographer, here are a few more facts: I started out as a painter, all the way from my childhood years, and although it didn't turn out to be my vocation, this experience gave me a lot of understanding of color, light and composition that would prove to be indispensable later on, when I started doing photography. Another big step towards the grand vision was getting into photo editing and working with some insanely talented photographers from around the globe, such as Kudegraphy, named one of the best in Malaysia and Michael S. Lewis, a National Geographic photographer for over three decades.  Thanks to their influence and mentorship, I was introduced to the art of wedding photography and portraiture that later became my own aspiration. And since then, life,  trial and error, practice, hard work and more practice, have been the things that took me to the place I'm at today. I've had the  opportunity to photograph events and people in many countries, including USA, Singapore, Mexico, Romania, Israel, Greece and of course, my home country, Bulgaria, where I'm based off. 


We love the photos! You managed to capture so many beautiful moments! The day got a bit crazy  so it was lovely to look at the photos and see what we missed! We have some really special bride and groom photos which we love so thank you so much!  You fitted so perfectly into our crazy day and lots of people commented on what a lovely photographer we had!  Thank you so much for everything!

—  Sadie (bride), England/Bulgaria

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