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Bridal photoshoot on the ski slopes of Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria

I was recently asked what my most adventurous client was. Well there are the people who decide to have a winter wedding and are prepared to face the cold in a gorgeous sleeveless gown, there are the people who wake up before down to go to a remote beautiful place in the nature, there are the people who are up to getting up a mountain on their wedding day. Last week, this young woman reached out to me and was ready to do all of the above, and on top of all - on a snowboard!

For those who know me, it's no secret that I'm a big winter sports enthusiast and I've dreamed of doing a photoshoot on one of my favourite places. I've found it really fascinating that there are people who hit the slopes on their actual wedding day and if you have been following my social media, you probably have seen me sharing such ideas on my profile in the hopes of finding the adventurous clients that would be up for a crazy experience like a skiing/snowboarding wedding or elopement session. I think this is a very rare opportunity to have and spending the day with this brave girl on the slopes of Pamporovo, Bulgaria, has been a dream. Now, without further ado, here is what happened...

If your dream is to have a winter wedding, and even better - a destination winter elopement in the mountains with the bonus possibility to hit the slopes on a snowboard or skis on your wedding day - then Bulgaria might be the place to consider. With a few different top-level resorts to consider - Pamporovo, Bansko or Borovets, excellent slope conditions from the end of December up until the middle of March, close proximity to international airports, and all that without breaking the bank - it's an all around great choice. Even if you are just planning a ski trip to Bulgaria, now you know to consider bringing your suit and gown and we might create something memorable together. Just send me a message with your idea, and we can make it happen.

If you want to check out the official Pamporovo ski resort page we visited, click here.

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