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A New York tale - Amanda and Harry's wedding.

Two weeks ago I had a long-time dream of mine come true. I still remember the moment of enlightenment I had about two years ago, when the idea of becoming a Destination wedding photographer popped in my head - I could not think about anything else that day, nor the days to follow. It did seem very unrealistic at the time, still... I always kept it in the back of my head, taking small steps to get there one day. 'Good things come to those who work for it' they say and they sure do. I'm very excited to show you the photos from this beautiful wedding I had the privilege of photographing in my favorite city in the world - New York. Let them speak for themselves

In order to shoot this wedding I flew over 8000km. across the Atlantic and spent days in transit. Was it worth it? Absolutely! Would I do it again - You can bet on that. In a matter of fact, I have a special offer for you if you are considering me to be your wedding photographer and your wedding happens to be outside of my country of residence [Bulgaria]. I'm planning on updating my price list and services soon and adding packages specifically for Destination weddings, since until now it was only based on customized offers. Until this update takes place however, perhaps in December, I put out a limited-time offer to all of you interested in booking me for the 2020 wedding season - You can book me for your destination wedding (a.k.a. outside of Bulgaria) at my standard rates for local wedding photography, with packages starting at 400Euro for a 10hr. coverage. Note: Travel and accomodation cost is not included in the price, it may vary depending on where you live, but we can figure out a reasonable option in most cases that still makes for a Good deal ; )

The offer is valid worldwide - Europe, America, Asia, Africa, Australia, even Oceania if you are that far! Just get in touch with me through my contact form with as much detail about the wedding as possible and I will do my best to make it happen for you. The world is small after all : )

Until next time!

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