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The intimate garden wedding of Felipe and Francesca in Aalsmeer, Holland

Today's post is a special one.

Last summer I was contacted by this wonderful couple from the Netherlands, that reached out because they loved my work and wanted me to photograph their wedding in 2021. I was really touched by the fact that someone was willing to fly me to their country amidst a pandemic and the confidence they had in me, that it would be worth the risk. Little by little the date approached, and despite the plans changing almost entirely, the date was set, they were going to get married no matter what and I had to be there.

Because of the restrictions, it was going to be a very small, intimate wedding, with just the close family members attending in person and everyone else tied via videoconference. It was a beautiful, emotional day and I felt privileged to be part of it. Now here is the whole story in pictures...

Love is beautiful, don't you think so?

It is quite special to be a wedding photographer. Emotions run so high on a wedding and everything goes so quickly, rather in a blur, that having these moments caught on camera is truly something magical. So a massive 'thank you' to Felipe and Francesca who trusted me with this and giving me a share in this amazing experience <3

Now I have to say, that's not all. You wouldn't think I went all the way to the Netherlands and didn't shoot on all the beautiful locations in nearby Amsterdam and the area, did you? As you might, or might not know, all my Destination Wedding Packages come with a complementary after-wedding shoot (a.k.a. 'Trash the dress') and that's an amazing opportunity to visit some stunning locations, not worrying about the timeframe of the wedding day. So if you want to see more photos from that shoot we did, I will be posting this next week and trust me - ;)

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To be continued....

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