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After-wedding shoot in Amsterdam and the Sand Dunes of Zandvoort

This post is part 2 of the amazing wedding I got to photograph in the Netherlands earlier this month. If you haven't seen part one - Click here

What I love about shooting destination weddings, is that all the places we get to visit with the couples, are usually new for me. As I have not visited them before, I find myself really inspired and as a result, some of my favorite work happens exactly when I'm travelling.

Although I have been in Amsterdam before, I was thrilled to have it as a backdrop for this shoot as it's one of the most beautiful European cities I have visited. But after seeing the picturesque seaside and dunes that Holland has to offer, I knew I had to shoot there as well. And I was so happy to have my clients say "Yes" to all my crazy ideas. That's how this photoshoot happened and I just love these after-wedding sessions, as there is no rush, no strict schedule, no stress. From my experience this is when the best photos happen, especially if you want that "WOW" factor.


After-wedding shoots are the best, don't you think?

That's why for all my destination wedding packages, they are included complementary. If I'm going all this way to photograph someone's wedding, let's as well go all in and make it epic ;)

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